Time Heals All Wounds, But My Time Is Up

by That Disco Bastard

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I just hope.


released March 9, 2013

Beth Dodds- guitar, bass, V-Drums, vocals


tags: comedy wump


all rights reserved


Dead Turtle Broductions

Dead Turtle Broductions is a digital-only record label founded by Beth Dodds to release music by her awful projects That Disco Bastard, Meth Sacfarlane, and Girl Gamer

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Track Name: False Hope
Im sick of this false hope
I want confirmation
I don’t even need to get what I wish for
Just don’t drag me along anymore

I know you don’t mean to hurt me
I know you don’t mean to hurt me

I wish you’d leave him in the dust
But I’ll live if you keep him around
Just let me know if I can really love you
The way I really want to

I know you don’t mean to hurt me
I know you don’t mean to hurt me
Track Name: Figure It Out
Tonight I stayed in
Rainy isolation
I’m always so far
From where I want to be

Will I ever figure it out?
Will I ever open my mouth and say the right thing?
Will I ever figure it out?
Will I ever learn what I’m about and just be happy?
Track Name: What I Want
I want to chase something
With reckless abandon
But I’ve got no passion
Because of my depression
I want to stop sleeping in
And always over-thinking
And cut back on my drinking
And not hate everything!

I want to live somewhere
Where it is worth it to care
And where I know people won’t stare
Just ‘cause I’ve expressed my gender!
And I want to play music
That makes me excited
And doesn’t make me exhausted
From squashing my creativeness
And I want to meet people
Who are smart and beautiful
And think I’m smart and beautiful
And then we all could cuddle!
And when it comes time to die
I don’t want to be asking why
I just want to shut my eyes
And know I have not lived a lie!
Track Name: I Just Hope I Can Finally Meet You
i need to see you
i need to know you're real
i need to touch you
i need to know how you feel


it will be the hardest thing to leave
but it will be worth it a while
i want to watch you light up a room
i want to make you smile

Track Name: I Just Hope You'll Take Pity On Me
give me a pity smile
give me a pity laugh
let me know you pity care
that's all i ask
give me some pity sex
give me some pity love
i know it's not the real thing
but it feels close enough