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when i played back the unedited recording that would become the self-titled album, i noticed that the sound of me, upon the recording's completion, picking my iPhone out of the bucket in which it had been placed during the recording process was quite loud. i decided to take the recording of this sonic event and stretch it out to hundreds of times its original length (perhaps inspired by the Harry Pussy release in which Bill Orcutt stretched out one of Adris Hoyos' screams for an hour). i then put the newly slowed-down audio slightly in the left stereo channel, and put a reversed form of the slowed-down sample slightly in the right stereo channel. the result was unlistenable, as you can hear for yourself


released September 19, 2012

Bill Dodds- audio editing


tags: comedy wump


all rights reserved


Dead Turtle Broductions

Dead Turtle Broductions is a digital-only record label founded by Beth Dodds to release music by her awful projects That Disco Bastard, Meth Sacfarlane, and Girl Gamer

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